Controlling increased thyroid using reflexology or rather something similar:

Press on the pad of the foot next to the big toe, if you find a sore spot press hard and hold, it will feel like your trying to drive a 10 penny nail through your foot. Do both feet.

Do this every night for a week and then go to see an endocrynologist.

However, still keep an eye on your  blood tests just to make sure.

Several kinds of foods are natural "chelating" agents.

This process involves the conversion of or removal of heavy metals stored in the tissues (immune system inhibitors, thus enlarging thyroid, other glands)

If it is not an enlargement from cancer, you might try taking sea kelp tablets as a source of Iodine.

 Ask your doctor for a diet which will clean out every cell in your body. It is a six day feast of fruits and vegies and has helped many people.

Your diet may include foods that block iodine utilization (goitrogens).

Such foods would include turnips, cabbage, mustard, peanuts and soybeans.