If you live in Berlin-Friedrichshain you probably heard of a place called Burgeramt. If you ask people for their

If you ask people for their favourite burger in Berlin, many people will mention this place.

When we started writing this article we really wanted to have a surprising burger

When we started writing this article we really wanted to have a surprising burger on the first place but we just have to admit that Burgeramt is awesome.

The restaurant is located directly at Boxhagener Platz and the interior is inspiring and fits to the city of Berlin.

Another thing I personally love about Burgeramt is their creative menu. Not only the menu itself looks great, they also offer more than 20 different burgers:

Besides the traditional hamburger you can get burgers like teriyaki, köfte, spicy chicken and many other surprising ingredients.

Some of the nice burgers of Burgeramt

A place as popular as Burgeramt could ask a lot for a hamburger if they want.

But its great that the prices are still competitive and you get a normal hamburger for about 5 Euro.

This is not that much more as a large burger in the Burger King so fair enough if you ask me.

The fries of Burgeramt are not very special but with some sauce they will do the job.

A last tip for the people who like special types of beer: Burgeramt sells homebrew beer.

Vegetarian: Burgeramt also takes care of the vegetarian visitors. You can choose between 6 different vegetarian burgers with several main ingredients (Halloumi, Mushroom, Soya and more).
Berlin-Enjoy Tip: Only order a large portion of fries if you are really hungry. You will get a ****load of fries so maybe just share a large portion if you are a normal eater like me.

Price: € 6-9
Size of the burger: 7/10
Taste of the burger: 9/10
Vegetarian Burger: 8/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Summary: More than 20 great burgers with surprising ingredients in a cozy Berliner restaurant.
Total grade: 8,5

Name: Burgeramt
Address: Krossener Straße 21-22
Website: http://www.burgeramt.com

The restaurant of Burgeramt

The entrance of the restaurant of Burgeramt